Monday, September 16, 2013

Bring. It. On.

So....I'm back in Quito for another year at my home: the Working Boys' Center! I could truly not be any happier - when I arrived, it was quite freaky because it felt as though I never left. Time had stopped. During the summer at home, I had to keep looking at pictures to make sure the past year had actually occurred, but when I got back here, it was the exact same feeling - was I actually home just 12 hours prior?! Nonetheless of what did or did not occur, I am so very happy to be back & give all the lovin' and smarts to my kiddos, old & new.  May this new year bring more smiles, laughs & hugs than the last.

Algunas pensamientos:
  • There are no words to describe the sweet details of the warmest bienvenida I have ever received. Damn. This place just brings you all the love. 
  • I feel very comfortable coming back into the front of the classroom & am ready for things to get rollin' with my new classes....even if my students look at me like I have gone bat-shit crazy.
  • The excitement I have for all the shenanigans to occur this year [with the new vol family & with the Center familias] is unreal! 
  • The smiles on the students & families that I grew very close to last year will forever be etched into my memory - such beauties.
    • Richard, my "son" had probably the best smile I have ever seen. We both looked like idiots, I am sure, but neither of us could wipe 'em off. Although he pretended he didn't care that I was back, the ginormous hug he gave me told me otherwise. It was perfect. 
  • My 4 adult education students were in class tonight, and all found out that they had passed to talleres which is where they start classes learning a trade. I am beyond proud of all of them, but the two women I had grown closest with have impressed me so very much:
    • MarĂ­a - a strong-willed woman who had some attitude to boot will now be in costura [she will be learning to be a seamstress; something she had only dreamed about when she was younger]
    • Norma - a true gem, who would do absolutely anything for her family, no matter what it takes. There was a point last year where her marriage was not in a good place & we tried to work things out, and eventually the situation was resolved due to her perseverance & commitment to her family. Norma worked very hard & ended up being placed in promociones de salud which is a nursing program of sorts. This is the most advanced taller and very few people achieve this. I could not be more proud of her accomplishments, and needless to say I bawled like a baby when she told me the news.
  • To go along with that, my emotions are still on the loco train & I get teary-eyed and/or cry at just about anything that happens...
  • Have I mentioned the smiles of everyone....TOO DAMN CUTE! 
This is what I have for y'all thus far, and I cannot wait to share more of my experiences with you as the year progresses. Wish me luck! 

PS - if you would be so kind as to check out my fundraising website. *Please keep in mind that any amount is greatly appreciated. Muchas gracias!

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