Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Looney birds galore!

Un paseo: the one thing that will keep the kids in line...or at least sort of. My 3 English classes have been working toward this moment ALL year & it has finally arrived! My kiddos have finally earned their field trips!

11AM Boys: El cine
Man of Steel, anyone? There was no debate to be had - my first boys' English class had unanimously decided to go to the movies, and naturally we had to see the newest action movie ["Not a silly kid-movie, SeƱorita Olivia!"]. So, although the kiddos were excited to see the new Superman movie, nothing was more thrilling than the bags of popcorn, nacho cheese [throwback to the HFS concession stand] & sodas that were bigger than all of their faces!  Probably one of the funniest sites I have seen - all of their eyes were bugged out & mouths fell open, just like out of a cartoon. Truly priceless.
Even though the movie was 2.5 hours long, these ten-year olds' 3D glasses-wearing eyes were glued to the screen. A few times I had to look over to make sure no one was sleeping...no one was, thank goodness! [I personally could not look away from Henry Cavill, but that's just me!]
It was a great afternoon & am so proud of how hard they worked to get this paseo! Erick Baez. Miguel Camacho. Marco Suarez. Cristofer Vimos. I'll miss you crazy boys. 

2PM Girls: Parque Carolina
Due to the size of my girls' English class, I thought it best if we did something fun & easy, so we took the bus to go get bagels [which I had wanted them order in English, but they had some luck and the English-speaking owner was not working] & had a picnic in the park! Despite my best efforts to explain what a "bagel" is in Spanish, these chickadees were very pleasantly surprised by the goodness that is "Mister Bagel" - ladies, I don't lie about food. Anyway...we played soccer, did gymnastics, snuggled puppies, climbed rocks & laughed. We laughed a LOT. Mery Cueva. Angeles Navarete. Pierina Chuez. Roxana Perugachi. Samantha Chin. Belen Chimbo. Tatiana Pantoja. Jessica Fiallos. Stefany Folleco. Diana Limaico. You ladies are truly wonderful & I hope you remember that...and also that you promised me [and God] that you wouldn't marry anyone until you were 30 years old.

5PM Boys: Patinar en hielo
I would say this was one of the best days. Ever. The week before finally earning their prize, we were taking a vote as to what activities we could do and it came down to going to an amusement park or ice skating. Although the amusement park won the vote, the next class I was informed that they had chatted some more and that our paseo would be ice skating. I was incredibly excited!! Irene & Andrew came along for the ride and were able to experience the insane love I have for my boys [YES, this is the same class that at the beginning of the year was going to be the death of me]. By the end of the hour & a half skate session, Kelvin & Mateo were zoomin' and Richard & Patricio [the 2 newbies] were racing across the rink and doing spins. I truly could not wipe the most ridiculously stupid smile off my face...
While we were walking back from the bus, Irene told me that she could see how happy all of my boys were & how I created a family within my class. I immediately started crying. Klever Negrete. Kelvin Herrera. Mateo Zambrano. Patricio Baraja. Richard Leon. These are my boys. I will love you, forever and always.

Entonces. Let the madness continue. XO

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