Sunday, August 19, 2012

I'm alive!

Hello all!!! was the day: I left Milwaukee and am currently in Quito - aka my new home for the year! Although packing [thank you, Mom!] was a doozie --- NEED to remember to not leave packing until the night before  --- everything worked out.  Yes, both my checked bags were over the weight limit (50 pounds), but it is what it is. The question remains: HOW THE HECK DO YOU PACK FOR A YEAR?!?! Anyway, the travel really was not that bad - movies, snackies, friends and naps make the time fly by.

Currently, I am sitting in the break room with Colleen (one of my best grade school friends) and Irene (whom I met on the flight from Atlanta to Quito and she is the bee's knees) - the center seems pretty cool at midnight so I cannot wait to see it tomorrow during the day.  A few other volunteers were still up when we arrived with our 8 million and two bags, so that was a nice little surprise :)

How I am feeling at this moment: today was pretty surreal for me...and to be honest, I am still a bit "shell-shocked", if you will, yet I am surprisingly optimistic. And tomorrow is another [busy] day so I will let you all know how it's going and if I have survived my first day of orientation --- and unpacking!

Wish me luck, because this girl is definitely going to need it.

Much love!

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  1. Hi Livy! Glad you are there safe and sound! Miss you but are really excited for you, Colleen and the rest of the volunteers. Happy unpacking :) Love Mumsie